About Us

A good number of successful ventures have had a small beginning. PAVAI PAPER PRODUCTS is no exception. We set foot in the paper industry in the year 1987 as a paper products company, supplying paper plates, pizza boxes and cake boxes etc. to hotels. In addition to this, we produced in a small scale, notebooks and envelopes for schools and general use. Surely, nothing to boast of, and absolutely no trace of inkling for lofty achievements. But then, big turnarounds evolve out of little sparks. One such occurred all of a sudden, which eventually transformed Pavai Paper Products into a whole new realm of accomplishments. Keenly observing the local waste paper traders, buying & selling our paper/paper board cuttings that were generated in our unit, we were motivated to venture into the waste paper market.


Recognition of a remarkable potential for imported waste paper in the local market, coupled with an insatiable urge to carve a niche for ourselves, fuelled us with enthusiasm, perseverance and phenomenal dedication to seek global market for quality waste paper. Our first business was in the year 1989 for just 50 MT and today after 15 years we have grown stronger and stronger and we import couple of thousand MT per month.

Encouraged by ensuing successes, we expanded our business domain in 1991 and started importing from Singapore and in 1994 from Sri Lanka, Middle East, The Netherlands, UK, France, Belgium and other countries.

At Pavai Paper Products, we believe that experience is a great teacher. Adhering to certain stringent discipline, we have earned an unshakable trust, both from the mills as well as the Balers. Our promptness, cost-effectiveness, apt quality and consistency have made us exceedingly dependable to the mills. Our ability to sustain long-term relationships and our transparency in business dealings has endeared many reputed balers and shippers to us.

These traits have spurred us into a forerunner in the arena of Indenting Agencies. Today, Pavai Paper Products has an expanded clientele of 20 to 30 paper mills in South India alone (Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala) and boasts of a demand of 10,000 MT of Waste Paper per month.


In this sprawling market, we thoroughly understand the astounding potential that is there to be explored. Being fully equipped to meet any demand, and goaded by an unwavering confidence we are all set to foray into a radiant tomorrow. Our assets are quite unique. Exhaustive business knowledge, peerless acumen in this industry and above all, an established tag of reliability are good enough to escalate us further. Join our crusade for achieving professional excellence in waste paper industry.